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Revelations 22:1

And he shewd me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

Revelations 22:2 (K J V)

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

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Our mentorship is based on biblical principles and the Law of God. It includes spiritual counsel, training, and teachings on how to live the life of Christ.

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Our mentorship is based on biblical principles and the Law of God. It includes spiritual counsel, training, and teachings on how to live the life of Christ.

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Bible Study

Apostle Royal offers to engage her students in a lively discussion and encourages her students to participate through questions and answers.


The purpose of this ministry is to draw you back to your maker, the Lord Jesus Christ, to give you life and life everlasting. 

There are many wolves in sheep's clothing outside there, that lay in wait to devour you. There are many churches that are not built upon the solid Rock, which is Jesus Christ. You may have experienced some of the false Christs that they have introduced to you. You might have been robbed of your spiritual inheritance and corrupted by false prophets and teachers that called themselves and served their belly, by stripping you financially naked. You might have been bewitched and entered into evil covenants without you knowing. If your life is still the same and never bears any fruit, and your life hasn't changed after a prophecy or prayer, then you have been sowing into dry ground. A ground that is cursed and barren.

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The Lord told me that nothing is wrong with the seed, meaning with YOU his creation, but with the soil. It is vital where you sow your seed, meaning where you give yourself to and on whom you put your trust. If you asked yourself why should you sow into this ministry or why you should submit or listen to what God has to say through me, then remember that you have tried a lot that hasn't worked out for you. If you are uncertain and scared because of your past experience, then sit back and watch and observe, for by their fruits, you shall know them! Why not take the invitation of the holy spirit that says COME, give it a try and watch God work in your life. Drink from the living waters and you shall not thirst again.( John 4:14) If you want to save your life, get rid of the old, forget the former things and focus on the New. I am a living testimony of God creating something out of nothing, without the approval of man, only by the teaching and leading of the holy spirit. 1. John 2:27.

Many rush and hasten to sow a seed and expect it immediately to grow and reap the harvest. But in nature and with the Lord it is not so. Many want to get rich fast and have impure motives by sowing seeds and putting pressure on God to give them back and multiply what they laid on the ground. This is not of God and that's why many are deceived and destroyed and stripped financially naked. God is not mocked! Many of God's children forget that God doesn't owe you anything, he has given you everything. (John 3 : 16.)

When you plant a seed you must water it, but it is God who let it grow and give the increase. (1. Cor.3:6) Your impatience brought you into destruction, but it can be reversed if you allow God to be God and show himself of who he says that he is.


He is a God of provision and not a magician!

He made provision for you, he deposited treasures, gifts and talents in you, you don't even know about.

Why not allow the Lord to reveal these things to you. Discover your potential and the real you, who you are in Christ.


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