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The Word

Mountain Range

Parable of the sower-the seed sown by the wayside(Mark 4:14-15)

Please open your bible and read Mark 4:14-15

The Word as A Seed

I want you to understand the word of God is a seed. The sower is the Lord. The Lord can

minister through different channels in order for His word to be heard but not everyone can receive it. Open your heart right now for the word of God and ask the Lord to help you to receive and understand his word through the power of the holy spirit. As you have made your heart ready, I will share now with you why many cannot receive the word of God even though they hear it, like you just do. I believe you still have your bible open in Mark chapter 4. Let us read verses 11 and 12. There is a group of persons that can never receive the word of God, even though it is sown into their hearts. Why is it so? We read in verse 11 of Mark chapter 4, it is not given to them to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God, that is without. Without what? It means it is not given to them that are without the holy spirit, the unction according to 1. John 2:20 to understand the word of God, as it is given to the children of God to understand all things. Therefore the Lord spoke to them through parables.

Why? Because they might see and still not perceive, hear and not understand. It is important for you to understand this truth that there are people in the church today and preach the word but don't understand it and have not the revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ. We also read the reason why the Lord spoke to them in parables was, lest they should be converted.

Now let me ask you a question: is it not the will of the father to save? That's why he died

according to John 3:16, right? When the Lord opened my eyes and ministered to me why it is not given to everyone to understand his word, I was just amazed. Do you want to know why? Let's go back to our opening scripture. We read the sower sows the word and we read these are by the wayside where the word was sown, but when they have heard, Satan comes immediately and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts. Who are THESE and why can't they receive the word? Why does Satan come and steal the word from their hearts immediately? Those who are without we read, without the holy spirit are dead in spirit, they are flesh and are without God and cannot understand the mysteries of God's kingdom.

They are by the wayside, which means they are out of the way of God and out of alignment with him. They can ́t be converted according to the word of the Lord Jesus. How do I know they are Satan's children? Read John 8: 43-47 where the Lord addresses them as children of the devil because they don't understand his speech nor hear his word. Jesus is the WAY but THESE are by the wayside and are the seed of the devil and he comes and steals, removing the word from their heart that was sown because they sold their soul to the devil and belongs to him. The devil has the legality to come and steal the word because they are out of the way of Jesus Christ. It is true the Lord died for the whole world, but if you continue to read the word in John 3:18-20, you will see they by the wayside the Lord spoke of in Mark Chapter 4, are those who love darkness. They can never understand nor come to the Light. They are already condemned, this is why they cannot be converted.

May you never be by the wayside but follow Jesus, who is the Way the Truth and the Life!

(John 14:6)

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