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My Beliefs

I Believe...

  • In the only begotten son of God Jesus Christ, who died and rose again on the 3rd day and lives forevermore.

  • In the preexistence of the Lord Jesus Christ and that he was God himself in flesh coming down to the earth to restore back His sovereignty and humanity.

  • Christ died for the remission of sins for the whole world.

  • I am saved by grace and not by my works.

  • I believe in receiving Christ by faith in my heart and confessing him with my mouth.

  • In the power of the holy spirit and the gifts of the holy spirit.

  • ​​By accepting Christ and His spirit, I am born again.

  • No one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of the spirit of God and being converted and translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son.

  • In the baptism by fire of the holy Ghost.

  • In the baptism of water by immersion.

  • The holy bible is the word of God.

  • In His prophets and Apostles.

  • In the great commission to preach the Gospel and cast out devils.

  • In the second coming of my Lord Jesus Christ.

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