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Legacy - Part 2

The Servant and his Talent (Matthew 25:14-30)

If you can remember, last time I spoke about the legacy, meaning what you will leave behind when you are no more. I used my personal encounter with the holy spirit to ask you some questions on what you want to be known for when you have passed away and what your Generation will remember you for. Will you be a sweet smell unto the Lord and will you leave a unique fragrance, like the lavender, behind? If you didn't read the article about Legacy part one, I suggest you go and read it first before you continue reading, so that you will have a proper understanding of what I am talking about.

Please read Matthew 25:14-30 with me as follows:

This scripture is one of the most quoted when it comes to the gifts and talents of Men and how to multiply it, especially when they do business. Which is not wrong, but unfortunately misinterpreted to understand the real talent and THE gift God has equipped and entrusted us with, in order not only to be set and promoted to rule over many things like the faithful servants with the few talents, but over ALL things, according to Genesis 1:26 having dominion over ALL the earth. I will explain to you in a short while, why people are missing the perfect will of God for them and are happy about the few talents and things they do and succeed, and stop there. Now you might say; well, I wished I would have at least one talent and gift at all, like others do. Infact, I feel so useless when I see how others can sing, play an instrument or do business. But as for me I feel so ashamed of myself and feel so hopeless. I have really become a concern to family and friends. Let me tell you, I do understand you. I was in your condition and I began to complain and say such words like you might do. I asked the Lord, what do you really need me for? You have enough servants that are gifted, even small children walking in the miraculous and preaching the Gospel. I don't have any talent, I can't sing, which I wished I could. I continued in my frustration and complained and poured out my heart to the Lord. After a while the Lord began to talk to me and teach me about the parable of the servants and the talents. And I want to share exactly the words of the holy spirit given to me and I believe it is going to bless your soul.

Revelation of the talent by the holy spirit

Incline your ears unto my sayings:

You say you don't have talent. Do you know what talent is?I t's not that you can sing, play instruments, or paint. The Talent is my word I have given you and those who can handle it. Those who can understand my word and use it, This is The real Talent. You have a talent because you know my word and you can use it. You learn fast. You have a Talent, stop saying you don't have talent.

The words I spoke about the talents and the servants are those, who have the word and use it to win souls, to be fruitful and multiply. But there are many who have my word, but don´t take responsibility, and say; somebody else will do it. They are comfortable or afraid and do nothing. That I will reap where I have not sown, meaning through others not through Me, they say. These are those who say I don´t want to do anything wrong, I can't preach. The servant who digged the talent are Those who hide the word in their house, they don't use it. This is why they are barren and can´t be fruitful and multiply and don't add any good thing to their lives. So the real Talent is to know the word of God and to use it, to speak the word.

There is no need for me to add much more to the teaching of the Lord concerning talents. God has given you One great talent, his word, so you have one, you have the gift. I want you to understand that the servant who was afraid to go out and multiply the talent, is the One the Lord wanted to bless more and set him not only over many things, like the other servants, but over ALL things, if he only could handle it well. Why was this servant given one talent and the others two or five? Because the servant with the one talent had much respect and fear for his Lord and kept everything in order was given to him. Therefore he was entrusted with this ONE precious talent that meant much more to his Lord than the other talents. We know from the bible that a Man sold everything for one precious pearl, we also know the story of Martha and Mary, where the Lord said, ONE thing is needed and Mary has chosen the good part. What was He talking about? He was talking about how Mary chose to listen to His word and not being busy with the care to serve him with food, but to incline her ear unto his sayings. The servant with one talent and Marthy have One thing in common, they feared to displease their Lord. It is God to have the fear of the Lord, but unnecessary when he sends you or has called you to do something. Now back to the servant with the one talent, his Lord was very angry with him and called him wicked and slothful. Why? Because he wasted his time and the talent he was entrusted with. He told him he should have at least gone and put it to the exchangers and by his return he would receive his own multiplied back. Because this is what exchangers do, they know how to handle it and multiply and use the talent, if the slothful servant was not able. So is it with many of God's children today, they don't share the word of God or mention it. Who knows, if you can't appreciate the word of God and preach it, then at least you should give somebody else the chance to know there's a God who can save and he who receives the word can be entrusted by the Lord because he or she knows how to save souls for the Lord. The last thing I want to mention is the other servants who have been entrusted with more talents, they were only set over a few things. Why? Because, it was easy for them, like too many today, to do business and multiply when they have resources to invest. They have been faithful over the few. But when the Lord entrusts you with THIS ONE Talent, which is HIS word, you will have more resources, the fullness of God and He will not only set you above many things in His Kingdom, but over ALL things.


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