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Legacy - Part 3

What will you do with your talent?

(Matthew 25:29)

Child of God, I don´t know if you have followed up my previous writings on our topic concerning Legacy. Please, if you were not able to read them, take your time and go back and read them. However, today I want to talk about your God given talent and gift and what you should do with it. By the teaching of the holy spirit, we talked about what the real talent is last time, and we found out it´s the word of God he gave freely to us. And only by the word of God and the power of the holy spirit, we will be able to discover our gifts and callings. I spoke about how the servant was entrusted with one talent and while others had been given two and five and so on and they multiplied it. I said also the servant with one talent was in reality given more, in fact it was precious to his Lord and he gave to him this very one thing he trusted that this servant will be able to multiply it, while he gave much more to the other servants. Why? Because he feared his Lord and was trustworthy in his eyes and hoped the servant would do much more with one talent than the other servants, and is not foolish and wasteful. However, at his return from his journey, he finds out the servant with the one talent disappointed him by burying the talent. The very servant he thought he would handle it wiseley, called him wicked and slothful, meaning lazy. In other words by condemning him like this, means only he was not like that when he was given the one talent. He called him wicked, because he knew what to do but found an excuse of false humility of fearing his Lord and hiding the talent. Not fearing the Lord but also his fellow servants that they eventually come and steal from him and he has to give account to his Lord, that he feared so much. So, he knew what he was doing, by blaming his Lord that he knew him and was afraid of him, after all his Lord would get what he wanted in one or the other way. The synonym word for slothful is also Idle, meaning not occupied, without employment and inactiv, according to Merriam.Webster-Dictionary. This shows also that while his Lord was around he was busy serving his Lord, but as soon as he left, he became careless, lazy and inactive to go about his Lord's business. This is how many of God's people have become careless, lazy, inactive and abandoned the word of God and his Kingdom. They think the day of the Lord and his return is so far away and think they still have time and sit back doing nothing with what God has given them, just like the servant with the one talent . I believe he was very surprised and didn't expect his Lord to return so soon, and he began to excuse and justify his slothfulness, and even blame his Lord. Child of God stop murmuring, stop complaining and crying, that you have nothing to give or to do because you are not talented and gifted. Stop saying, it's none of your business whether others perish or not. After all you are not a preacher, you are not so much anointed. I want you to understand the word of God is a Blessing and the Blessing of the Lord makes you rich and adds no sorrow(Proverbs 10:22). The Blessing is the Lord Jesus Christ that came to give you abundant life(John 10:10b) and has given you All you need to succeed in life, to be fruitful and multiply. Many are called but few are chosen, meaning the faithful ones who are faithful in little, they will be faithful in much when given by the Lord. But he can't even trust you with the little he gave to you, because you are a waste of his resources and his time. You think you still have time and you don't need to stress yourself because you want to enjoy yourself and serve yourself first. I must disappoint you, the coming of the Lord is like a thief that comes in the night and then it will be too late for you, to repent or do any work the Lord has asked you to do. The word of the Lord is not only for you, but for your family and friends, and neighbours as well. The gifts and talents the Lord has given you it's not for you alone but to be served to others. Whatever the Lord has given you, you can't bury the gift nor can you go and misuse it and abuse the gift of God. Whether you can sing, preach, write, paint, serve in different departments or serve others at your working place, whatever you find yourself doing, it must be done unto the Lord. Everything you do in your Life must be done unto the Lord with thanksgiving.(Colossians 3:17) The Lord is going to hold you accountable and require the blood of those lost souls from your hands, you have ignored and refused to speak about the Lord and his gift of salvation and his living word that steals, heals and delivers from evil. You don't need to be a preacher, but have the word of God in your heart and confess it with your mouth to every creature. Now let's talk finally about our leading scripture of Matthew 25:29, which I haven't discussed yet and it´s meaning. Those servants who hath the resources have used it not only wiseley but also quickly multiplied it, before the return of their Lord. What was their reward? The bible says, he that hath, shall be given and he shall have abundance. This was the case with the servant who hath five talents and multiplied it unto to 10 talents, he hath abundance. Why? Because on top of his 10 talents he received the one talent of the slothful servant that was taken from him, and given unto him who hath 10 talents. He received abundance, he didn't labourded for. Was this unjust, unfair from his Lord to take even the one talent of the slothful servant and given to the one who already had so much? The answer is No! Why? Because God is a God of justice. You might say, well it´s unfair he was not given that much talent like the other servants and he was discouraged. From the carnal standpoint, fleshly mind, you are right. But I made you understand that the servant with the one talent, holds this very one precious talent, his Lord trusted him with, he knew his ability to succeed was great and loyalty to be after his business like usual. This is why it is written he gave them according to their ability. He knew his strength, and power to work, this is while he called him wicked like I said, while the other servants were in fact the ones who needed more encouragement to go at all. Now back to our scripture and the just God. I want to give you more understanding and enlightenment to the spiritual meaning of Matthew 25:29. The bible says in 1. John 5:12: He that hath the son hath life, and he that hath not the son hath no life. Now here you can see that the word of God is the talent, because the son which is Jesus Christ is the word of God. What happens finally to that slothful servant is, that which he hath, meaning the life of God or given to him by God, which he hath not, meaning the life of the son, Jesus, will be taken away from him. In other words, the life that God has given you, but you refuse to receive the gift of God and you are not a good steward of his gift, he will take your life, the breath he has given you, finally from you. Because you don't own yourself. You have been bought with a price, with the blood of Jesus. 1. Corinthians 6:20

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

If you don't want to lose your life, you better wake up from your sleep and slumber and be a good and faithful servant unto the Lord, for no one knows when the Lord will return.


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