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Legacy - Part 1

On a hot summer day, in June 2017, I sat on my balcony and looked at my dried up flowers and flowerbeds. I didn't have the time and energy to devote myself to my flowers. Because I was always very busy reading and studying the Word of God. In addition, pouring water was not worth it at this point in time. It was just too hot and the beds were huge, and I couldn't give them enough water with my little watering can. That was also a drama and I was very frustrated that day too. So I struggled with my condition and asked God some questions.

Why am I doing all this, I shouted out? Why am I alone on this beautiful day? Why am I isolated and constantly praying and fasting when others are enjoying life outside? Frustrated, I removed a withered sprig of lavender and I smelled it. But it didn't smell so strong anymore, because the lavender flower was no longer fresh, but dried out. So I rubbed this in my hand or rather the grains, and it smelled so strong, just a breathtaking lavender scent. For those who like this, of course. And suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit speak and say: do what you are doing again. And I asked what exactly do you mean Lord? The Holy Spirit spoke again and said, crush the grains again. And I did this and smelled it again. Then he began to teach me in a very loving way that He only can do. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, do you see the dried-up grains? Even if they no longer look beautiful or look dry, it is the smell that you like, isn't it? It is not the beauty of the lavender, or the coating that surrounds it and gives it a beautiful color, but the substance, the essence that it contains, makes it unmistakable as a lavender. It is the scent, the smell that people perceive and enjoy as lavender. When the lavender passes and no longer looks beautiful, the unmistakable scent remains, however. And when the grains have died or are crushed, they leave an even stronger fragrance. That's how it is with the human body. Your beauty will pass away, your body will pass away, but what you will leave behind, remains. What do you leave behind for your generation when you pass and are no more? What sweet smell or fragrance do you leave behind that people can enjoy? What were you known for and do people remember you with joy?

Why you are doing ALL of this! At that moment it became clear to me and it was very clear to me why I have to sacrifice myself daily. That I am different and want to be different. That I have a future, a bright future in which I'll write history. And I have no right to keep my gifts and talents that the Lord has given me for myself and take them with me into the grave. Little did I know that this story begins today and that I would write a holy spirit inspired blog. Now ask yourself what do you stand for? What are you known for? What do you want to achieve in this life and what gifts of God do you have that you can use to make an impact and make a contribution in this world? Would you also like to leave a good memory, a good, sweet fragrance for your generation? Will you be able to share your God-given gifts with us? Or will these die with you and in you if you allow them? One thing is certain, no one will remember your beauty, appearance or even your well trained muscles, because they will pass, but what you leave behind will remain as a souvenir of you for those left behind. What legacy do you leave for your children? Leaving a good or bad memory, when people and your loved ones think about you, it's up to you. It's your choice. So start today and get inside yourself and let God speak to you and show you what he has planned for you. Meditate on His word and promises for you. Stop wasting your time. At the appointed time you too, like me, will one day be known for your gifts and deeds. Follow the call of the Lord and your gifts. Let the holy spirit minister to your heart and guide you. May you be a sweet fragrance, like the lavender unto the Lord and your Generation.

What are you waiting for?


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